Kaitlin Bio

My passion for organic, clean skincare began in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. While visiting for a few months, I lived down the street from a nutrition store that carried natural personal care and beauty products. I became obsessed with learning about organic, natural, non-toxic ingredients and decided to convert to using clean products.

But there was one problem, I simply could not find an organic, non-toxic self tanner that I loved on the market. I continued to use my conventional self tanners, but it wasn’t until I started developing red rashes along my neck and arms that I decided to come up with a better solution.

I have always had sensitive skin, and constantly had reactions to conventional beauty products — and I didn’t know why. It wasn’t until I started educating myself on common ingredients used in products that I really understood how many awful ingredients are used today. I was determined to not only create a product for myself, but also for those who have the same interest in organic, natural, non-toxic products.

My research and product development started in my kitchen. I had no prior experience or knowledge, so there was plenty of trial and error. One thing that is certain, I was determined to create products with no synthetic dyes, fragrances or toxins included. I finally have a product that I absolutely love, and I hope you will too.

- Kaitlin

My passion for organic, clean skincare began in 2014 when Kaitlin switched out all of my conventional products for their organic counterparts. In all seriousness though, once I made the switch, I couldn’t imagine going back.

I am very proud of the product we have created, and by we, I really mean Kaitlin. I firmly believe our product is the best on the market. So many conventional self tanning products have toxic ingredients or overpowering (re:disgusting) fragrances. Our self tanner is non-toxic and clean, no nasty ingredients.

- Doug