How Much Self-Tanner Should You Use


By Jennifer Gayle
May 5, 2022

Are you new to self-tanning?

Or do you want to know how to make the most of your brand new bottle of Naru Organics?

We’ve got you covered. Our founder, Kaitlin Polk, has put a visual guide together so you won’t have to guess if the amount of self-tanner you are applying is too little (or god-forbid, way too much!). 

Of course, this guide was made with Naru Organics in mind, and our naturally-derived and nontoxic self-tanner doesn’t require the use of a mitt since it doesn’t stain your hands. Other conventional self-tanners that contain toxic dyes and other nasty chemicals may require less? More? We don’t know and we don’t wanna know! 

Read on to learn how much self-tanner to apply to various body parts, and if you want a darker tone.

How Much Self-Tanner Should You Use? It Depends On What You Want!


How much tanner you use depends on the size of your body, your natural skin tone, and how dark of a tan you want. We’ve put together this handy guide to show you how much self-tanner Kaitlin recommends as a baseline for applying to different parts of your body.  

The sizes we recommend below are for a light, natural-looking glow.  If you want to go a bit darker, we recommend one of these two options:

  1. Try two applications of the recommended amount 4 hours apart (recommended)
  2. Or if you are in a rush, you can try doubling the amount of product used for each body part

How Much Self-Tanner Should I Use On My….

dollop of self tanner size chart compared to coins

The following recommendations are made with Kaitlin’s experience in mind. Adjust accordingly based on your skin tone, size, and desired level of tan! Our formula is very forgiving, and great for beginners, so don’t stress too much about getting the amount just right.

How Much Self-Tanner Should You Apply to Your Legs?

We recommend applying 1 quarter-sized dollop or slightly larger to each leg, rubbing in circular motions until it is well blended into your skin.

How Much Self-Tanner Should You Apply to Your Arms?

We recommend using 1 nickel sized dollop for each arm. As always, rub in circular motions (no mitt required!) until it’s well blended. 

How Much Self-Tanner Should You Apply to Your Face, Neck and Chest?

We recommend a dime-size amount total to apply to your face, neck, and chest area. 

How Much Self-Tanner Should You Apply to Back and Torso?

For your midsection, we recommend you apply a quarter-sized amount total. We know it can be tough to apply to your back, so ask a friend or family member to help you get those hard to reach spots! 

Other Tips for Self-Tanning

  1. Apply to dry skin after showering and exfoliating. This will extend the life of your tan!
  2. Wait a couple minutes after applying to put on clothes or hop into bed. While our product won’t stain your fabrics, this is a good way to ensure your tan ends up even and gorgeous. 
  3. If you want to shave, do so before applying. Shaving removes the top layer of your skin, where the self-tanner sits! Shaving can compromise the quality of your tan if you do so after application. 
  4. Wait to shower 6-8 hours after application to let the product do its thing. 
  5. Stick with Naru Organics. There’s a lot of nasty stuff in those other brands. 


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Jennifer Gayle