How To Get Self Tanner Off Your Hands

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By Ashlyn Noah
October 6, 2021

Are you dealing with orange hands from your self tanner? 

Sunless tans are a wonderful option to achieving that sun-kissed glow all year long, but they can get annoying when the residue is left in an unwanted place.

Applying self tanners is an art in itself to make sure your body has a covered, flawless self tan without the giveaway that it’s, well, sunless.

Here’s the best way to get rid of those orange palms and learning how to get a self tanner off your hands for future uses. 

Know The Mistakes

Sunless tanning is a top-tier beauty secret to giving you a glow without the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

Tanning lotion is vastly different from normal everyday lotion since it gives your body a tanning tint. Without proper application and prevention, it can result in those orange palms no one wants.

Here are the mistakes you might be making that leave behind the unwanted residue.

Don’t Forget Your Tanning Mitt

One of the most helpful tanning tips is to use your self tan tan applicator for every use! Whether you’re using a tanning lotion, tanning mousse, or spray tan, you need to use your tanning applicator to cover your palms.

Tanning mitts also help to work the self tanning product in circular motions that spread more evenly. It can reduce the streaky appearance and give you the proper bronzed glow by covering all areas.

Stop Using Too Much Product

We get it. You want to have a natural sunless tan, but using too much product can be a culprit for the orange palms.

If you apply more product than you need, there will be a buildup on and between your fingers that will start to set in the more you apply. 

Our hands absorb self tanning products faster than other parts of our bodies, so the more you apply to the hands, the darker they will look. 

How To Get Self Tanner Off Your Hands

Do you forget to wash your hands after applying your self tanner? It’s okay! There’s still hope to erase the top layer of product before it starts to set. 

The good thing about removing self tanner is that you can use more than just warm water. Everyday uncommon items that you likely have in your home right now can act as an eraser to get rid of the orange build-up!

Home DIY self tanning erasers can help you save money from buying more body scrubs or exfoliators, and still work to get rid of the orange buildup. 

Wash Your Hands

woman washing hands over a white sink

To get rid of orange palms in the first place, remember to wash your hands after every time you apply your sunless tan. 

Warm water and soap will do the trick to quickly get rid of the top layer of product and make sure there’s minimal to no tint left behind. 

If you do forget to wash your hands, a quick fix of a baby wipe can do the trick.

Body Scrubs & Exfoliators

If you already have a body scrub or exfoliator, you can use them the next time you hop in the shower. Not only are these great to include in your skincare routine, but they’re also great at scrubbing away self tanner buildup. 

When you use your body scrub or exfoliator, don’t forget to use a washcloth or loofah to scrub at the dead skin cells that can be holding the top layer of the self tanning product. 

Exfoliator mitts are just as important as self tanning mitts. An exfoliating mitt will unlock your healthy and fresh skin underneath the dead skin cells, so it’s really a win-win situation!

Lemon Juice

Before you make a delicious drink, you should be aware of how lemon juice can help you remove self tanner. 

The acid in lemon juice is what helps to erase the self tanner buildup, but it’s not to cover a large area. Lemon juice works the best in the smaller areas, so your hands are the perfect place to use lemon juice.

If you use this home remedy, dab a cotton ball or cotton pad in a bowl of lemon juice and dab the orange areas on your hands before gently rubbing the cotton ball in a circular motion. 

When you’re finished removing the self tanner, wash your hands to completely remove the product and to remove the acidity of the lemon juice before you touch your face or anything else.

Baking Soda & Coconut Oil

Baking soda, mixed with warm water and coconut oil, can help to remove self tanner product by scrubbing it into the orange areas. 

This is a gentle way to exfoliate your skin and not use harsh chemicals that will reduce the moisture in your skin. 

Besides, baking soda and coconut oil work wonderfully to remove leftover self tanner product that can be annoying to look at. 

Body Oil 

Another oil that will act as a tan remover is body oil.

Body oil can be used for larger areas such as your legs or arms where you applied too much product, or on your hands and feet that may be turning orange.

To use body oil, rub it into your skin and let it sit 10-15 minutes before you remove it with warm water and a washcloth. 

​Body oil can also help to soften your skin, but don’t forget extra moisturizer once you’re finished! 

Glycolic Acid

Products that contain glycolic acid can act as another tan remover to break down the top layer of skin holding the self tanning product.

Glycolic acid can work wonders for a lot of skin issues such as acne, dry skin, ingrown hairs, and more. 

When you use to remove a fake tan, use it with an exfoliator mitt to remove the dead skin cells and bring out the fresh, healthy skin underneath.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is another product that can be used for different purposes, even cooking, and now has been found to remove self tanner.

This is another product that needs to be rubbed on the skin and sit for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water and a loofah or washcloth. 

DIY Sugar Scrub

A DIY Sugar Scrub could be the perfect fix to your problem.

Featuring non-toxic / chemical-free ingredients like coconut oil and brown sugar, a sugar scrub has many benefits for your skin. They are known to be effective in erasing dead skin cells, removing dirt and excess oil, in addition to stimulating circulation.

Find What Works Best

There you have it! A list of home remedies to help remove self tanner and turn those orange palms back to their normal color.

You might have several of these everyday home items sitting around ready to be put to good us. 

Don’t forget to pay attention to any product that contains chemicals that might damage your skin. If you use these products, apply moisturizer after for a healthy, youthful finish! 

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