Is Self Tanner Safe To Use? Read Before Buying

Is Self Tanner Safe Feature

By Ashlyn Noah
November 3, 2021

Are you wanting a tan that lasts all year? You’re not alone.

There is something empowering about having a flawless tan, but most people rely on tanning beds when it gets colder or there’s less sun exposure. This is where things get dicey.

An individual can experience extensive sun damage or sunburn from the UV rays found in tanning booths and by tanning outside. The FDA and doctors highly recommend people limit the time they tan under the sun or in tanning beds.

Thanks to sunless tanning lotion, having a sun-kissed look is now easier than ever, but is self-tanning lotion safe? 

We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about sunless tanners before you purchase your first bottle.

What Is Sunless Tanning?

Self-tanners make it possible for anyone to get their bronzed glow without the risk found in spray tans or tanning beds, or even sitting under the sun for hours. 

Self-tanning products can easily be added to your daily skincare routine and is dermatologist recommended as a healthier alternative to traditional sun tanning. 

You will no longer have to ay under the ultraviolet rays of a tanning bed or worry about sunburn from the exotic trip you’ve booked to hopefully get a darker color added to your sin.

Most self-tanners come in the form of lotions or mousses and are easy to use with quick results. 

After your first time using your sunless tanning product, you will be hooked!

However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all self -tanners are created equal. While the active ingredient in most self-tanners, DHA, is safe, many leading brands have other ingredients that are toxic. Dyes, fragrances, stabilizers and more can be toxic to your skin, hormones, and health long-term.

That’s why we, of course, recommend Naru Organics self-tanner, which is non-toxic and naturally derived. You get all the benefits of avoiding UV rays without smearing toxins all over your skin!



How Do Self-Tanners Work?

So, how do these bronzers work?

Most self-tanners have an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone, abbreviated as DHA. When the DHA in your sunless tanning product meets the cells of your skin, it reacts in a way that temporarily causes the pigment of your skin to darken, simulating a tan. 

The traditional body lotions, mousses, and creams that you buy will need to be rubbed on by a mitt in circular motions to ensure the product is applied evenly. The mitt will help to protect your hands from orange staining. However, Naru Organics self-tanner can be applied without a mitt without staining your hands! Have we convinced you yet?

All skin types can benefit from using sunless tanners. Certain lotions have moisturizer elements in them for dry skin to ensure your skin is still staying hydrated while creating the tan.

Over time, the sunless tan will fade quickly since self-tanners only sit in the first layer of the skin whereas tanning beds and actual sun tanning penetrates through several layers of skin. 

This is why you will need to reapply the tan more often. It may take a few days of repeated application to achieve the base of your sunless tan before you start applying every other day or few days.

Most self-tanners will stay on 5-8 days, depending on how often you continue to reapply. 

Is Self-Tanning Safe?

If you’re a tanning addict, you should be thrilled to know that The American Academy of Dermatology has deemed self-tanning products as a safe tanning option!

If you didn’t know, tanning via tanning beds and outside in the sun can lead to skin cancer if you’re not careful, but tanning body lotions have not demonstrated that connection. 

Plus, self-tanners make it possible to achieve a sun-kissed look all year round without having to leave your home. 

Some people result to tanning beds to try and steer clear of sun damage and sunburn, but there are actually potential health hazards with this method as well.

Not only will you possibly come out with an orange residue, but you can inhale the product. 

Since self-tanners only sit on the first layer of your skin and there are self-tanning products out there like Naru Organics, which uses only natural ingredients, you can look bronzed as long as you’d like without worrying about the health of your skin. 

How To Find The Self-Tanner That is Right For You

Looking for the best self tanner to use will not require you to look long. Naru Organics has the best line of self-tanning products to give your skin the darkened glow while not compromising your skin’s frailty. 

When you’re looking for the right self-tanning option for you, you should consider your current pigment shade. 

Self-tanner shades range from light/fair, to medium, and then dark. Depending on your current shade, choosing the next step up is key. It also depends on how dark you want you tan to appear.

If you are already at a light/fair skin type and don’t want a deep glow, then choose the medium shade to start with. If you do want a deep glow off the bat, then select the dark option. 

How To Use Your Self-Tanner

Knowing how to appropriately use your self-tanner is key to achieving the flawless go you’re after.

First, it’s important that you prep your skin. Self-tanners are not like ordinary body lotions you use after a shower to lock in moisture.

Since self-tanners have certain ingredients in them that combines with your skin’s amino acids, you need to make sure your lotion has the right canvas to work with.

The work starts in your shower by exfoliating first. When you exfoliate, you will get rid of the dead skin cells and free your skin to give your body lotion something to hold onto. It also helps to get your skin clean.

You should also shave before you exit the shower instead of waiting to shave a day or two after you’ve applied the product. When you shave after you apply your self-tanner, you risk removing the product before it’s had time to adequately sit.

When you’re done with your shower, it may be tempting to go ahead and rub your product in, but you should wait for at least 10 minutes, especially for traditional tanners that can get streaky quickly. 

Your body needs to completely dry before the self-tanning product is applied so that it’s rubbed on evenly and does not leave behind any streaks from any water droplets still on your body.

When you self-tanner is applied in circular motions with your mitt (if you’re not using Naru), here is what you need do immediately after to ensure your self-tanning dries properly: 

  • Wait at least 10 minutes to get dressed. (This give the tan time to soak in your skin, and if you’re not using Naru which doesn’t stain, this will help prevent the product from staining your clothes).
  • Wear loose clothing if you’re going out. (Although, we recommend you apply your tanner right before bed as this is the best time of day to do it. Traditional tanners can get streaky if you wear tight clothing right after application)
  • Wait at least 6-8 hours before getting wet. (This means no other showers, swimming, or physical activity that will cause you to sweat.)

Get Your Tan (Safely) Today!

You can begin building the easy, gorgeous tan you want without the sun damage at home today!

Using self-tanners are extremely easy and the best part is that they’re the safest alternative from sitting under UV rays that lead to skin cancer while getting a bronzer glow. 

However, as we mentioned before, be sure to read the ingredients label. Most leading brands are full of dyes and toxic ingredients that nearly overweigh the benefits of avoiding the sun.

Doesn’t it make more sense to try Naru Organics self-tanner today?

Note: Want to give yourself an even, natural-looking sunless tan without exposing your skin to toxic chemicals, dyes or synthetic fragrances? Get Naru Organics self tanner and try the very first flawless self tan with no nasty ingredients. Learn more now!
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